Paintless Dent Repair is the #1 choice by every major insurance company. It’s been labelled as the “SMART REPAIR” process. This method cuts cost in half and saves the integrity of your investment. Once you break into the original paint and start replacing structural parts like Roof skins, Hoods, Quarter panels, Roof Rails, etc. in most cases your car will be reported to Carfax. Once this happens the value will drop significantly.

Autoshot Happy Customer
  • Keep your vehicles original paint
    At Autoshot we fix cars the correct way using zero paint and zero body filler. Keeping your vehicles original factory paint finish. This guarantees the original state of your vehicles value.
  • We work with all insurance companies
    The benefits with Autoshot are that we work with every insurance company small or large. In doing so we get 100% approval on every insurance hail claim hassle free
  • Pay $0 Deductible
    We Waive All Deductibles. Working direct with Autoshot we will pay your deductible costing you ZERO.
  • Fast track system
    We understand your car is important and our fast track system was designed to get your vehicle back to you ASAP. We work in teams so that allows us to make a more efficient time based repair.
  • Carfax?
    Absolutely Not. All hail claims repaired from Autoshot will not be reported to Car Fax.
  • No Wait
    We work on a team system this allows our productivity to be the highest in the industry.
  • Free Rental Car
    For a limited time we are offering a FREE Rental Car for all customers.